At Kol Chaverim Preschool…

We could not have chosen a better place for our son to go to school.”

Kol Chaverim Preschool is amazing! From the day we started here 1 1/2years ago we have been so happy ! The teachers are so warm and care so much about the children! Our son loves coming to school everyday and talks about his Morahs and friends all the time ! We could not have chosen a better place for our son to go to school.

Leah K., Fair Lawn, NJ

Every day she would come home from camp with a smile on her face”

Sarit Glass- My daughter had an amazing summer at Camp KCP! Every day she would come home from camp with a smile on her face. She looked forward to the weekly trips. It’s been six months since camp has ended and she still cheers her bunk cheer. She is so excited to return to Camp KCP next summer!

Sarit G., Bergenfield, NJ

“My son is learning, growing, and absorbing under the nurturing guidance and support of the incredible KCP staff.”

It was with great unease that I began to research day cares for my son. But when I visited Kol Chaverim, it became clear that the school is more than a day care; it is a “day love”!  Under the leadership of Elana Ochs, the school’s thoughtful and thorough director, every child is treated like a son or a daughter. Elana oversees a highly trained staff of teachers who give their all to their job. From their diligence in regards to hygiene to their preparing the children for Jewish holidays, the staff members are true professionals. As I work each day, I take so much comfort in the fact that my son is learning, growing, and absorbing under the nurturing guidance and support of the incredible KCP staff. When I drop my son off, I feel a little choked up. I wish I could spend the day watching my son learn through play. I wish I could spend the day observing the teachers as they implement best practices and educate the children in a developmentally appropriate way. As a teacher myself, I know I could learn so much from my son’s morot, especially their patience, insight, and empathy. Thank you, KCP!

– Adina K., Teaneck, NJ

 “We know that we are leaving her in excellent hands”

There is a very short list of things that Serafina loves in life – in order of how much she loves them, they are: 1)Morah Shirma  2)Blackberries  3)Mama/Aba

Sera absolutely loves daycare.  If she could talk, she would probably rave about it all day and night.  Seeing her light up when we unhook her from her car seat every morning is an absolute joy, because we know that we are leaving her in excellent hands.  All the staff at Kol Chaverim clearly love their jobs, and we are so thrilled that we found this amazing place for our child.

-Diana D., Fair Lawn, NJ

“There could not be a more warm, loving and safe environment for our children”

We have two children that have both been at Kol Chaverim since they were only a few weeks old and feel that there could not be a more warm, loving and safe environment for our children to be each day. Each and every teacher truly feels like a part of our family. What makes us most happy is how excited our kids are to jump right into the classroom in the morning and how engaged they are when it’s time to go home that it takes convincing to leave. It is incredible how much they learn and how much is done with them at such a young age. It is an amazing preschool and we love Kol Chaverim!

Miriam S., Teaneck, NJ

Elana and her team have really made it a home away from home”

We have been a part of the KCP family since we became….well a family! When our son was born we were not sure if we wanted to send him to preschools in the area or to have a babysitter watch him. None of the schools really called to us until we got in touch with Elana. Her warmth and ability to make us comfortable that our child would be cared for as if he were a part of the school’s family really convinced us to go with KCP. We have really been happy with KCP throughout the 4 years we have been here. The teachers are always amazing, the school continues its effort to stay up to date with technology and safety standards, and our older son (and now youngest), feel loved and cared for all day. Elana and the office are constantly in touch with parents and available for questions or just to talk about our sons, the curriculum, or anything we really would like to know. Elana and her team have really made it a home away from home, and I have to say we have been happy with the decision to send to KCP every single day.

–Golan E., Teaneck, NJ

We love KCP.”

We love KCP. From the moment we toured the building, Elana and her staff made us feel like family. We have been so happy with the teachers in Amalya and Tani’s classes, utilizing the perfect balance of caring and professionalism.

–Ari L., Fair Lawn, NJ

“Elana Ochs’ careful management of the school makes each classroom loving, safe, fun and educational”

My children and I love KCP. On a recent very rare occasion that the school was closed (Dec 25, 2015), my daughter was crying in the morning that she wasn’t going to school. She was truly devastated as her brothers got out of the car at their day school and we didn’t continue on our usual route to Fair Lawn! Ricky sings songs from school all evening and is proud of her projects. My daughter loves being there and is likewise animated and thrilled to see me when I pick her up each day. It is awesome to see great childcare from teachers and parents go hand-in-hand, complementing each other and working in partnership for the best for our children. Director Elana Ochs’ careful management of the school makes each classroom loving, safe, fun and educational.Thanks KCP!

Shoshana S., Teaneck, NJ

“We’ve been so happy with the love and care”

When we first began at Kol Chaverim, we weren’t sure how Adira would do, but when we came to visit and spoke with Elana and saw firsthand how the Morot interacted with the toddler class, we had a feeling she would do just fine. In the months since, we’ve been so happy with the love and care that we’ve seen Adira receive from her teachers and we know that she looks forward to reuniting with her teachers and friends every morning. Adira comes home singing new songs and proudly displaying art projects. We are so thrilled that she is a part of the Kol Chaverim family!

Chana S., Fair Lawn, NJ

“Teachers plan activities that actively engage the children in exploration, movement, song, and conversation.”

We love Kol Chaverim!! As both a parent and a teacher who has worked in early childhood programs, I had very high standards when we were looking for a day care. We chose Kol Chaverim for many reasons, and we have been so happy here. The classroom environments are warm and comfortable for both the children and parents. Elana and Aliyah, and the entire staff are always friendly and always receptive when there’s something I want to talk about. My son in the older twos class comes home singing songs (and doing hand motions!) related to chagim, the parsha, the season, etc! He told me the whole Noach story when it was that parsha. I am constantly impressed with what he learns/what the amazing teachers teach. The projects he comes home with are well-thought-out, and engage all the senses. He proudly shows off his projects at the shabbos table every Friday night. His teachers plan activities that actively engage the children in exploration, movement, song, and conversation. My son in the infant class is always playing with toys on the floor, or participating in circle time when I come to pick him up. The teachers sing songs and engage with all the children throughout the entire day.

My only complaint is that neither child ever wants to come home!!

Shira Z, Bergenfield, NJ

He always goes to school with a smile”

We are so grateful for Kol Chaverim and all you do for Akiva. He always goes to school with a smile, and when we pick him up at the end of the day he is still smiling! Although we were worried about him adjusting to being in day care, his Morahs made sure to give him what he needed until he was comfortable. We know he loves Kol Chaverim!

Miri M., Teaneck, NJ

“Fabulous teachers”

There is almost nothing greater than having my 4 year old cry when she sees me at pick up time!  She enjoys her school day so much that she just wants to continue playing and learning with her friends!  She has been there for three years, and my 2 year old has been there since she was 6 weeks.  They have had fabulous teachers and come home with projects each week that are connected to the season, the theme of the month, a holiday or something else to help them grow.  We couldn’t be happier!

–Jesse T, Washington Heights, NY

The cleanliness, the attention to detail, security, education, and love are not like any other school I’ve seen.”

Dalia grew up at Kol Chaverim Preschool.

She’s been in your care since she was 4 months old and we’re indebted to you and to the teachers, who under your leadership helped shape Dalia into the incredible, happy, talkative, outgoing, brilliant little person she is 🙂

You guys practically raised her, and we will be forever grateful to all the love, attention, care, and affection you’ve given since she was 4 months old.

EACH YEAR HAS BEEN BETTER THAN THE LAST in terms of our satisfaction and Dalia’s happiness and growth. Dalia’s teachers have been loving, helpful, kind, patient, and EVERY DAY THAT I DROPPED HER OFF I felt like she was in capable, loving hands. I know in my heart that if WE can’t be with Dalia, she’s best taken care of in your care.

You treat her like the most precious child and I was made to feel like like I was the most important parent. We were always a priority and no one can touch your customer-service, white-glove service, and ability to handle any difficult situation with grace and professionalism. You always listen, answer emails and phone messages within minutes, and I will continue to be your #1 advocate and your biggest cheerleader.

Dalia has learned so much! Her talking, her socialization, her happiness are all due to the 40+ hours a week she spends with her morahs and friends. We particularly love the fact that even in the Infant Room she was engaged, spoken to, read to, painted with….she was never stuck in a swing or crib for times she wasn’t being fed or sleeping. This least-restrictive environment was a top priority in choosing a school for Dalia, and never does KCP feel like a “daycare”. We also appreciate the “extras”: zumba, music (which the Infants get, too!), and MyGym and Dalia loves dancing, singing, and doing gymnastics with her friends.

The cleanliness, the attention to detail, security, education, and love are not like any other school I’ve seen.Your ability to make each parent feel like they are most important is a beautiful thing.

As an industry-insider and someone who knows the ins and out of the education world, childcare licensing, and what’s to be expected of a childcare facility, KCP has surpassed my expectations and continues to do so.

We have (ridiculously) high standards and only provide the best for our Dalia. Elana has met and exceeded every need, expectations, and requirement.  The staff is great, the facility is clean, secure, and beautiful!

– Revi G., Fair Lawn, NJ

“The staff is very friendly, warm and loving with the children.”

Kol Chaverim is a wonderful preschool. The first time we toured the facility we were very impressed. The building is clean, organized, bright and cheerful. The staff is very friendly, warm and loving with the children. Elana, the preschool director, is always available to talk about your child and is very accommodating to working parents and scheduling changes. She is also very involved with all the children on a daily basis. I love the variety of activities they have including music and yoga. They have a monthly curriculum calendar and the children are always learning new things in creative ways. My daughter gets lots of one on one attention and loves playing with the animals. She loves going to school and doesn’t want to leave when I come to pick her up! I would recommend Kol Chaverim to everyone.

– Shani R., Bergenfield, NJ

“The small class size, the loving and nurturing environment…”

We weren’t sure what we were going to do with our 4 month old son once I went back to work, and had gone through several nanny interviews and were about to hire one. We then came upon Kol Chaverim almost by chance and at the last minute decided to send our baby to day care. As first time parents we were nervous on the first day, but we are so glad we found Kol Chaverim. The small class size, the loving and nurturing environment and the flexibility of the program are only a few of the reasons we are happy there. But most of all, we feel a sense of security leaving our son at school every day, with the ongoing communication throughout the day, we know he is safe, taken care of, and happy.

– Deena E., Teaneck, NJ

“The children are cared for with an unparalleled sense of care, commitment and devotion.”

For our daughter, KCP is a home away from home, where she longs to go to learn, play and make friends. It is a Preschool where the teachers are knowledgeable and professional, as they are loving and kind.  The teachers are aware and cognizant of proper child development and are equipped to help each child develop into their own selves and personalities. The children are cared for with an unparalleled sense of care, commitment and devotion. The small class sizes enable the children to develop strong social skills and magnificent friendships. The classroom set-up is bright and welcoming, creating an environment conducive to learning and growth. All in all, KCP is one of the best choices we have made for the care of our child and we love being part of this magnificent family.

– Chavi S., Passaic, NJ

“Kol Chaverim provides a safe, warm, trusting and engaging environment for my 3 children.”

Kol Chaverim provides a safe, warm, trusting and engaging environment for my three children. The varied activities they participate in daily, from hands-on music to yoga, and the differentiated education they receive is par excellence. All three of my children have gained confidence emotionally, socially and educationally, which has given them the self-assurance that is so crucial to entering elementary school.

– Toby M., Teaneck, NJ

Concentration on holidays, themes and enriching education.

We have our 2 girls enrolled full time during the year as well as in the summer! Great, loving , care, dedication and concentration on holidays, themes and enriching education. All the teachers are a pleasure!

– Eva M., Fair Lawn, NJ

“The teachers and director really made it comforting and eased our worries.”

After learning about Kol Chaverim and getting a tour of the facility, we were extremely impressed and really loved the atmosphere and environment from the beginning. As first time parents this was a scary process and the teachers and director really made it comforting and eased our worries. Choosing Kol Chaverim as our child’s daycare was not a hard decision, there was no other choice in the area that even compared.

– Jessica L., Bergenfield, NJ

“We feel comfortable knowing that our twins are in a safe and nurturing environment.”

As full-time, working parents, choosing the right daycare for our twins had been one of the hardest decisions. After all, our three-year-olds spend more time at the daycare during the week than they do at home. Our twins have been at KCP for over a year now and are happy. They love going to school, love their teachers, and love telling us about all the cool projects they worked on during the day. We are always amazed at the complexity of the artwork our twins bring home. But, above all else, we feel comfortable knowing that our twins are in a safe and nurturing environment. The teachers at KCP are knowledgeable about each child’s capacity and temperament. Elana has been incredibly responsive to all our concerns.  Her dedication to the children at KCP is unparalleled. Overall, we have had a very positive experience at KCP and we enthusiastically recommend KCP to other families.

– Elina Z., Seacaucus, NJ

“Wonderfully loving teachers. The kind who greet him with a hug in the morning…”

We were searching for a place that shared our values. Explaining this to my (then) 2 year-old’s wonderful teacher (who was unfortunately moving out of the area), she said if you want that, check out Kol Chaverim Preschool in Fair Lawn. What great advice!

So many values we hold dear and attempt to live by are lived and taught at KCP: love, respect, creativity, learning, Jewish heritage, sharing, dedication, responsibility and commitment.

I was away for Election Day this year and when I came home the next day and caught up with my 3 year-old son I decided it was an important concept to introduce him to. “I know,” he told me, “we voted at school.” So too, on Martin Luther King Day. I thought I’d share some messages of equality and brotherly love with my sons and so began to explain that there once was a man named Martin Luther King Junior. “His birthday is today,” my son said, “we learned about him at school…he had a dream.” These two anecdotes are notable to me not so much because of the current events element but the way in which they were taught that focused on the lessons of choice and love.

My younger son has enjoyed so much attention, socializing and warmth. Having experienced “the baby group” and maturing to the “1s class,” Shlomo has had 3 wonderfully loving teachers. The kind who greet him with a hug in the morning, encourage him to give a parting hug to me and then bring him to the window to wave good-bye to me as I walk to the car.

The school is always open and the director is both understanding and accommodating. The atmosphere is one of purpose and fun. I am SO happy we found Kol Chaverim Preschool!

– Shoshana S., Teaneck, NJ

“My children love love love Kol Chaverim Preschool!”

My children love love love Kol Chaverim Preschool! Both my girls attend KCP and we can’t imagine being anywhere else. I checked out several schools before deciding to send my children to KCP and it was the best decision I ever made. My girls have wonderful, warm, professional and experienced teachers. They really take the time to have a personal relationship with each family and child, and make it feel like a second home. The director has a warm and loving disposition. She is always accessible and would even text me pictures with updates of my kids throughout the day! It’s great to know that even when I can’t be with my girls, I can get on-going feedback about them while I’m at work. I’ll be sad the day my girls outgrow this preschool but am so grateful to have discovered this gem of a program!

– Rachel M., Fair Lawn, NJ

“Elana sends me pics of my kid at school almost on a daily basis.”

This is a great school and a great environment for the kids. We’ve arrived from Israel a few months ago and our 4 y.o son started the Pre-K program. The teachers and Elana, the director, made it all for him to be comfortable and adjust well. The team is very responsive to any requests I might have, they are always happy to answer questions and meet me halfway. Elana sends me pics of my kid at school almost on a daily basis.  The kids are busy, the program is good. I like the option of ordering a hot home-like lunch every day. My younger daughter is starting an Infant program in 2 weeks. We’re definitely staying with Kol Chaverim next year!

– Vera B., Fair Lawn, NJ

 “…The entire facility is immaculate.”

I absolutely love Kol Chaverim PreSchool!  I have a three year old boy who has been going for over two years now. All of the teachers go above and beyond to make sure the children are in a safe, loving, nurturing environment and the entire facility is immaculate.  It is difficult enough leaving your children with other people during the day, but I always know my boy is safe and with people who genuinely care about their well-being.

Elana, the Director of Kol Chaverim PreSchool is wonderful… always making sure that the any of the parents questions, concerns and the general day to day are addressed immediately.

– Pinkesh P., Fair Lawn, NJ

“….The daycare exceeds the highest safety standards.”

Kol Chaverim is the best daycare around.  The teachers are loving, nurturing and experienced and the owner ensures that the daycare exceeds the highest safety standards. I have a lot of experience with other daycares with my older children and, hands down, this is the best.

– Laura R., Livingston, NJ

“The teachers are caring and very attentive to every child.”

Our twins have been going to KCP since they were 2 years old. They absolutely love it there. It is amazing to watch their transformation through the years. Elana is very responsive to parent’s concerns, which is something we did not experience at our previous daycare. The teachers are caring and very attentive to every child. Would definitely recommend KCP to other families. We have had a wonderful experience here.

– Elina, Secaucus, NJ

 “The classes are small and the teachers are warm.”

I’ve been sending my two-year-old to Kol Chaverim for about 6 months now and my two-month old baby will be starting there when I return to work. We have been constantly impressed with the quality of care at KCP. The director, Elana, is very available and involved in all aspects of KCP. She is always sending me updates and pictures of my son, which makes it easier to leave him there since I can see that he is having a good time. The quality of the preschool class is phenomenal, my son is always learning and comes home discussing the latest season, color or holiday that they learned about in KCP. The classes are small and the teachers are warm. Everyone there truly cares about my son and I feel that I have found childcare providers who are truly invested in his growth and successful development. In addition, as a working mother, Elana goes above and beyond to accommodate my schedule which eases the challenge of juggling children and a job. We feel so fortunate to have KCP in our lives and our children will be continuing there this upcoming year!

– Sara, Clifton, NJ

“The teachers are experienced and very attentive to the babies.”

While entrusting your baby to a daycare can be hard, Kol Chaverim Preschool lessens the anxiety. Elana, the director, is always onsite and is on top of everything. She is great about helping reduce parental anxiety by providing updates throughout the day and she is always responsive to any question we have. The teachers are experienced and very attentive to the babies. You can tell that it’s not just their job, but that they really enjoy taking care of the children and watching them grow. The facility is clean and when you visit the school, you will notice the teachers diligently cleaning the pack and plays and other toys.

– Scott, Teaneck, NJ

 “The staff is friendly and the place is clean.”

Our girls have been going to KCP since last summer’s camp. Now they are in prek4 and enjoy every minute of it! The staff is friendly and the place is clean. Elana is amazing, she has constant communication with us during the day from pictures to emails. The girls have learned a lot since they started and are being well prepared for kindergarten. Thank you KCP.

– Genya, Ridgewood, NJ

“[There is] a curriculum taught by energetic teachers with teaching certifications and credentials.”

We transferred here from another daycare and were thrilled to learn that this was NOT a babysitting service but a full fledged preschool with a curriculum taught by energetic teachers with teaching certifications and credentials.  It’s somewhat new and every few months it seems like another improvement is being made.  I am constantly impressed with the positive direction this place is going.

– Jay, NY

“Warm place, good teachers, staff listens.”

– AJ, Elmwood Park, NJ

“My 2 year old loves going each day.”

I currently have my two daughters at KCP.  My 2 year old loves going each day and often asks to stay at school when I arrive to pick her up.  She makes projects and sings songs daily and has a real music class once a week!  She also learns all about the Jewish and National holidays.  Her teachers are always friendly towards me and I know she is in good hands when I drop her off.  My 2 month old is in the infant room.  Based on the written  information I am given about her day and the pictures I receive of her on my phone, I know she is well taken care of.

– Jessica, NY

“The warmth just radiates from Kol Chaverim.”

We absolutely LOVE Kol Chaverim. I checked out so many places before we ended up there and Ilana was just a breath of fresh air. From the moment you speak to her you can tell that she REALLY cares about all of the kids. The school is her life and she makes sure the kids are happy and well taken care of.  My son started in the 1 yr old room last year with Blanca, who is one of the sweetest, most fun teachers I’ve ever known.  Now he is in the toddler room with Morah Devorah and we couldn’t be happier.  The warmth just radiates from Kol Chaverim. And since we began almost a year ago, I still get picture texts from Elana of my son smiling during one of the many activities they have there. I really couldn’t recommend Kol Chaverim more!

– Aviva, Fair Lawn, NJ

 “There is genuine interest shown in your child.”

When the time came to move into a new community, it meant finding a new daycare/school for our son. We looked at several options before finding KCP, but once I visited the school – there was no question that this would be our new 2nd home. Starting with the facility itself – it’s warm and bright – with each room having character. There is no sterile feeling as though it’s just an institution. The outside and inside of the building is always clean. The staff – everyone always has a smile on their face and is more than happy to take time to speak with you – even if it’s just to ask how you are.  There is genuine interest shown in your child – even if your child is not in their class. Elana, the director, is more accessible than most people I know. If she is not in the building, she can be reached on her cell phone at all times, and responds to text messages and emails in a VERY timely manner. Elana snaps pictures regularly of the kids and sends them to us, which makes us feel involved in their day. When our son first started at KCP, I thought she was sending me pictures just to have a level of comfort.  After a year in the school, I still receive pictures and updates. This year, as our son gets older, his teacher works with us to resolve any discipline issues before they really become issues. She has helped us work on the transition from a baby to a “big boy” – utilizing sticker charts and a reward system.  As he is our first child – this was an unknown concept to us – and she helped guide us. Our son looks forward to school almost every day – and he loves all of the teachers. We love all of the projects that he does, and the knowledge he has gained since joining KCP – both secular and holiday oriented. We definitely recommend KCP to anyone looking for a warm, family-friendly environment, with a staff that truly cares about your children.

– Brooke, Teaneck, NJ

“Teachers are warm, keep the children happy, safe, clean, and teach them so much.”

When the time came to find a school for our little girl, we spared nothing, left no stone unturned in our research, questioned everything, and wouldn’t settle for anything but the best. As an educator, former learning center director, and now as a new first-time mom, I had many demands and like any parent- wanted only the best for my child. My husband and I researched, spoke to people about, and toured many facilities. We wanted to find “the perfect school,” not just a daycare or glorified babysitting for our baby.  We knew she’d be spending 8 or more hours a day there, so any place she would be at had to be safe, clean, loving, educational, warm, and have that “family feel.”

We found it at KCP. I feel like I’m leaving my daughter with family, not with “caregivers” who happen to be nice people. We also didn’t want a baby factory with constant staff turnover (which happens a lot in daycares), and researched to all ends to find that Elana’s teachers are degreed, experienced, seasoned, and have been with her for a long time. Elana spent over an hour on the phone with me months before we even took a tour. She answered my questions with care and patience. When we came for a tour she spent another hour with us in person, and the connection was instant.

Any time we have a question, it’s answered. Elana returns calls and emails in less than a day – often within the hour – and is even available on weekends. Her door is always open, she is approachable, and any issue is resolved as soon as it comes up.  She follows up constantly, and I never have to “chase her” for information. She is professional and kind, understanding, and supportive. One of the things that resonated with me since day-one is how Elana made me and my family feel like we were the most important thing to her and that the well-being, happiness, and development of my child was top priority. After befriending some of the class moms, it has become clear that they share my sentiments.

Elana loves every student like her own child. She is on top of things, expects nothing but high quality care from her staff, and runs the school with expertise and love.

It was very important to me that there be a Director on hand, and Elana is always at school. She takes pictures throughout the day, keeps me posted and abreast about my daughter’s doing, and we hear from her daily, not just when something is wrong. On the contrary- we often get texts with our little girl smiling and playing noting how happy she is.

The school is clean and you can tell that the staff is on top of cleanliness and do their absolute best to keep each classroom sanitized. As a whole, the school is kept clean, doorknobs aren’t sticky (eww!), and I’ve seen toys get sanitized, wiped down, etc…For us- especially with a new baby- cleanliness was a top priority.

Teachers are warm, keep the children happy, safe, clean, and teach them so much! They even do circle-time in the infant room and help the children learn to interact….They’re not just taking care of the babies, they’re really teaching them age-appropriate things and help guide them to their milestones. I’ve never for a second felt like my daughter was being babysat all day…

At 8 months old, after 4 months at KCP, my daughter claps, babbles nonstop, is intrigued and is curious by the world around her, and has already learned so much! Her teachers love her and it shows. They enthusiastically welcome her each morning, sing to her, read her books, play with her, and keep her entertained and happy.

Something that’s also very meaningful to us is that we always hand our daughter to someone, we don’t just “drop her off” and walk out.

Whether we pick her up after a few hours, or a long day – the energy in Infant room is wonderful. The room is never stinky, it’s bright, clean, and inviting. My daughter’s face and nose are always clean– big pet peeve of mine was touring daycares and seeing snotty kids, especially babies- and most importantly, they follow her schedule, fulfill her needs, and adhere to my requests.

We had (and still have) very high expectations, and will not negotiate or flex on having only the best for our child. Elana and the staff continue to, day after day, uphold the highest of standards and really provide our daughter with personalized, custom-tailored care.  We continue to feel as valued as clients now –  after 4 months –  as we did on our first day.

– R & MG, Fair Lawn, NJ

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"The staff is very friendly, warm and loving with the children."
"The small class size, the loving and nurturing environment…"
"An unparalleled sense of care, commitment and devotion."
"A safe, warm, trusting and engaging environment for my 3 children."